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About us

Spiffing Games is a company in Dundee, Scotland, focused on developing online casual games.

Machu 1

The origins of the company can be found in darkest Peru, where a hunt for marmalade sandwiches went terribly awry and we found ourselves lost and hungry on the forbidding slopes of Machu Pichu. We fended for survival for many days, until we inadvertantly stumbled upon an ancient tomb buried deep within the heart of the mountain. As we explored further, our trespassing awoke the mighty Capac Pacha, Incan god of magnificence.

Machu 2

As we stood valiantly and steadied ourselves before this ancient power (by crying and evacuating our bowels), Capac Pacha turned and thanked us for releasing him from his thousand year slumber. As he surveyed the land before him, he became melancholy at the joyless, mundane world mankind had created. He infused us with divine power, and bestowed a divine mission upon us to go forth into the world and spread magnificence in his name, so that he may rise once again.

Machu 3

Inspired by these turn of events, we raced down the mountain, fashioned a canoe from sticky backed plastic and toilet roll tubes, then paddled back to Dundee. We launched several ventures dedicated to spreading his good word, such as "H-Bomb" - an energy drink with the great taste of haddock. Unfortunately, they were all dismal failures.

Machu 4

Then in 2009, we noticed a new fad called "the interwebs". We lept upon this opportunity and sat ourselves down with "learn binary in two easy steps" and a crate of H-Bombs. 24 hours later, we had our first game: Equanimity. It was a roaring success, attracting the attention of literally dozens of gamers.

We had found our niche.

To this day, we continue our work, producing games of the highest quality, and waiting for the day that our god will awaken and hopefully not destroy us all.

Praise Capac Pacha!

Machu 5